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Trout Run 2016

Hello all,

Extra Food Available

Hello all,
I have about 80kg of Skretting trout food more than I need - I think a few people never collected and since they only come in 20kg bags I inevetably have way more than I need personally.
So please contact me if you never collected your first lot or you need more. I have 2.3mm, 4mm, and 7mm.
Hope your trout are enjoying this weather! 
Happy APing

Murray Hallam Aquaponics Seminar 23 Aug - Canberra

Hi all, just a quick note that there are still some spots in an aquaponics course run by Murray Hallam here in Canberra in August. 
If any of you are interested, there are 11 places still vacant on this one day course. We are already negotiating another one day course for November this year.
The August course will be held at:
Crowajingalong Scout Hall
56 Heydon Cres, Evatt
(Park in the shops parking next door or on the street)
You can book your place at:

So long and thanks for all the fish!

So the time has come where due to time pressures I really can't dedicate time to Capital Aquaponics. So I'm hereby retiring it. This website will probably be replaced with a forum where we can discuss problems related to aquaponics in Canberra (e.g. where can I source XYZ?), and to organise group buys of fish or food. In my time I have helped many of you with your first systems and installed systems in a couple of schools and even the Alexander Maconochie Centre - there's aquaponics in the jail!!

Trout Order 2015

It's that time of year again, time to harvest last years trout and put in the new batch. This year I'm going to organise the yearly trout buy for Feburary rather than March in the hope that we can get more of those whopper "fingerlings" that came in the first batch last year. I may run it out of my house again this year, I'll send an email to the interested parties with more details.

Second Hand Aquaponic System For Sale

Bah, can't send with newsletters with attachments! Please email me if you want to see the flyer, but I've put the text from it below: 

Second Hand Aquaponic System For Sale

Hello all,
Hope your systems are flying along, the veggies tend to slow down over winter, but the trout should be growing well.
Two items in this newsletter:
1) Fusion is selling their aquaponics system, see the attached flyer. Please pass on to any interested parties and contact them directly using the details on the flyer.

Trout, Round 2

Hi everyone,
As you probably guessed from the previous trout buy Capital Aquaponics is partnering with Provincial Plants & Landscapes. These guys have the resources and contacts to take AP to the next level in the region. Dan from PP&L has offered to organise a secound round of trout fingerlings for those that missed out in the first round or have had some losses. 
Dan's offer:
Hi everyone, I hope that your trout are doing well and you're thriving the in wet weather that is upon us.

Trout order ready to go

We've got just shy of 1000 trout + food on the order, so if you're thinking of getting a system ready and ordering trout this year, you had better put in your order before March 1 2014 (2 days time). Delivery sometime in the second week of March.

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